This pesky stuff seems to flourish and take over your lawn if not properly controlled. It is typically a summer annual that loves to spread. It is usually blue-green to purplish in color for the blades of grass. If you cut your lawn too short, you could be helping it when it’s germinating because your letting it get more sunlight (anything less than 2 inches). You’ll typically see crab grass in open areas and places with little turf.

Control the Crabgrass

  • It is important to apply pre emergent herbicides before the seeds of the crabgrass germinate.  This is in the early spring usually before the top 4 inches of topsoil go over about 55 degress.  Also you don’t want to apply the pre emergent too early as  a frost could make it useless.  Also be sure to water after applying to activate the pre emergent.
  • If you missed the window of opportunity then you’ll need something like Crabgrass Killer to get rid of this pesky grass.

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