Ever wondered why aerating your lawn is a good idea?

If you have an area that receives a lot of foot traffic, the ground will become compacted which makes it harder for your grass to grow.  Also if you live in an area where there is alot of clay, aeration allows for the introduction of more nutrient rich soil or compost to improve the health of your dirt which your grass will really appreciate.

Aeration is best performed in the early spring or in the early fall especially if you expect to overseed.  Never aerate if you lawn is already stressed.  The past couple of summers have seen long periods without rain.  If this is the case, the roots are already stressed, and when you aerate you’ll end up cutting off some of the roots which will make it hard for your grass to recover.

If you currently are experiencing a weed problem, fix that first before considering aeration unless the weed problem is cause by the soil being compacted.

Although there are several types of “aerators” on the market, the best are the ones that remove a soil plug and pentetrate at least 3 inches into the soil.

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