Overseeding can add life to an otherwise dismal lawn.  Typically, we recommend overseeding in the fall before it gets too cool.  If you just want to “beef up” your lawn then a spring overseeding would be o.k.

You don’t want a harsh environment to exist when you overseed.  The new seed will need plenty of water and sunshine to help it grow.  You can help out by keeping your grass short (about 1 and a half inches or so).  That way, your  new grass can get plenty of sunshine.

Also consider thatching before putting seed down and adding topsoil to areas that might be prone to clay.

I would recommend aerating prior to overseeding to help in root development.

Pick the right grass seed and distribute with a uniform spreader.

Watering should be done with a fine mist so as to not damage the new grass.

It’s also best to water in the early morning, this will provide the need moisture to the roots without the quick dryout mid-day or the risk of bacteria remaining on the grass all night long if you wait too late to water.

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